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We are starting the year off with the beginning of our client series where we’ll be sharing the brand-building journeys of the entrepreneurs that we work with. 

Today, we are featuring NadiaGirl and an interview with the brand’s founder, Briana Beazley. NadiaGirl launched this past Fall with a focused collection of girls’ staples. They are a sustainably focused brand using natural materials that are made in the USA and production is done domestically. On top of that, they are committed to giving back to a cause that is near and dear to Briana and her family. Read on to learn about this brand and where to find them!

SCS: Tell us about yourself. What is your professional background and what lead you to start an apparel brand?

NG: I was in the advertising industry for 18 years and was focused on the operations side of the business for a large portion of that. As my daughter began growing into a pre-teen, finding clothing for her that she liked and felt good in became more and more of a challenge. She wouldn’t wear jeans, only leggings. But the leggings would sag or whisker and didn’t fit well. They were often not great quality and the options were limited. She would often go through my closet and ask why there wasn’t clothing like that in her size. I thought it was a great question! Beginning as young as age 9, girls begin feeling insecure about themselves. This is at the same time the clothing options are very limited and most are not great quality or fit. I identified a gap and it was something I was passionate about and wanted to figure out how to improve on, not only for my daughter, but all girls at this very important and difficult stage in their lives

SCS: What was the process like for you to decide to become an entrepreneur? 

NG: As soon as I identified the gap, I got to work on researching the market and the target. It became apparent that I was on to something and there was a real gap in the market. I decided to move forward with it while still holding down a full-time job. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve shifted to focusing all of my time to NadiaGirl and making it a success. Taking that leap is not easy and can be very scary, but I believe in the brand and the goals which is what drives me to take the risk.

SCS: You’re right! Taking that leap can be very scary but also so exciting and rewarding in the long run. What/who has been your biggest motivator or muse in building your brand? 

NG: My biggest motivator has been my daughter and all pre-teen girls and their moms who struggle to find quality, stylish, comfortable, age-appropriate clothing that girls can feel confident in. There’s so much to navigate at that age that is hard enough. Finding clothes that help you feel like yourself shouldn’t be one of them.

SCS: Who is your target customer? 

NG: Our target customer is two-pronged: first, are moms of pre-teen (tween) girls who do everything they can to instill confidence and a strong self-worth in their daughters, but see them struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin, trying to fit in at school, and unable to find many good options for their clothes. Shopping can become a dreaded task with girls leaving feeling bad about themselves and their changing bodies. Then there are the pre-teen girls themselves. They experience this confusing time directly and know how it feels to not find clothing that fits them well and feels comfortable so that it’s one less thing to feel self-conscious about. 

SCS: Tell us about the brand! When did you launch? Where can your goods be purchased? What makes you different? 

NG: NadiaGirl launched just recently, in November 2019. So, we are in the infant stage and trying to navigate the very large waters of ecommerce. We can be found at and @nadiagirlstyle. Our clothing is made with quality, super soft eco-friendly fabrics and made in the USA. The clothing is stylish but comfortable and fits really well. No sagging or gapping. 

SCS: What is your brand story or messaging that you really want consumers to understand?  

NG: We believe that girls deserve to have clothing that fits well and empowers them to have the confidence they need to be themselves. And it’s clothing they can feel good about wearing because we keep the environment in mind by using more eco-friendly fabrics and donating a portion of sales to girls’ education.

SCS: Fit is everything when it comes to confidence in your clothing! As a studio, we love to focus on brands with sustainability in mind as well and donating to girls’ education is such a beautiful way to give back. Bravo to that!

What would you say have been the biggest challenges or hurdles for you to conquer while building your brand? 

NG: Initially, it was figuring out how to get our product made since this was a brand new venture for me and I do not have a background in the apparel industry. Now, we are faced with the challenge of getting the brand out there and increasing awareness. It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of ecommerce so navigating that is what we are focused on now.

SCS: You are still in the very beginning stages of building your brand but it’s so important to celebrate even the small wins along the way. What have been your best successes so far? 

NG: We are completely self-funded so building this brand from the ground up and having a product we are proud of and that is getting some initial positive feedback has been a great accomplishment. But it’s only the beginning and we have a long way to go!

SCS: Launching a brand can be scary and very emotionally driven. What outlets have you used to keep the sanity while going through this process? 

NG: Working out when I can is always a good way to release stress and I also try to meditate regularly which makes a huge difference in managing the emotional rollercoaster of doing something brand new and taking a risk.

SCS: Are there any lessons you have learned so far as an entrepreneur? 

NG: Too many to count! Every day I learn something new and discover how I could have done something better. It’s just a matter of identifying it, acknowledging it and knowing and doing better next time. It keeps me challenged which I love! 

SCS: This could not be more true. We are all learning everyday how to be better. As a business owner, it is so important to learn from your process and to continue to improve. No one is ever fully done growing personally or professionally. Keeping that in mind can really help you to move through challenges and mistakes with grace. 

Let’s talk about the future! Where do you see your brand in 3-5 years (besides wildly successful)?

NG: I want to see NadiaGirl in the closets of all pre-teen girls. When they wear our clothing, I want them to feel comfortable and that they can be themselves. I also want us to have the ability to give back by supporting programs and non-profits we believe in.

SCS: Are there any major brand initiatives that you can share for the upcoming year? 

NG: We are currently working on our Spring/Summer 2020 line and I’m really excited about the designs. We started small this year with just leggings and a tee. What’s coming next will really broaden the options for girls so that there’s something for everyone.

SCS: Building this brand has really been a family affair for you. Tell us about the process of developing your products with your daughter. 

NG: It definitely has been a family affair! Since my daughter really inspired the initial idea, she’s been a big part of the process; from sharing her input on fabrics, to being our fit model and giving feedback on where adjustments are needed. She also has a really great group of friends who are all different so getting their input and thinking about what not only my daughter likes, but what other girls will like too has been incredibly helpful.

SCS: That is so great to source direct feedback from your target market. Having a finger on the pulse of what these girls are really looking for will be so helpful. Typically, girls clothing is designed pretty independently by adult designers who may or may not be able to really get into the head of their intended consumer. Keeping a group of young girls as a sounding board for the brand seems like it could prove to be a huge advantage. 

The photoshoot for your campaign looks like it was so much fun! Tell us how your daughter and the other models handled being in front of the camera. Was this just one big party in the studio or what? 

NG: Our first photoshoot was a blast! The models were my daughter and a group of her friends so the vibe was fun and relaxed. For all of the girls, it was their first time in front of the camera, but you wouldn’t have known it! They really did an amazing job and were confident. I’d like to think in addition to a great production team, the clothing had something to do with it as well!

SCS: They did great! You can see their playfulness and confidence coming through in the photos. 

How has your daughter embraced this process and being one of the faces of this brand?

NG: She has really enjoyed seeing the process and being a part of it. She loved the photoshoot and seeing herself on our website. It has her thinking she wants to model! She clearly loves the spotlight!

SCS: She is fortunate to be able to watch, and help, you build this brand at such a young and impressionable age. I’m sure this will have a really positive impact on her as she grows and starts to think about her future. Maybe even future CEO of NadiaGirl? We’ll be staying tuned to see how her involvement grows. 

Thank you so much for opening up to us about your brand and journey! We are excited to be a part of your growth. 

You can see Briana’s sweet daughter and her friends when you check out NadiaGirl! Try their products for the tween in your life and support them by following along on Instagram and Facebook

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