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We’re making predictions on color trends for Spring/Summer 2023. Here, our designer, Meng Guo, compiles her predictions for two spring colors destined to make their way into your wardrobe. Spring fever is heating up! Dive in to see what is in store for the new season.

Two Color Trends For Spring/Summer 2023


            Firstly, the lavender color was first identified by the book A Dictionary of Color in 1930. Before that, the name only applied to flowers. This color brings a soft, elegant, and feminine feeling to any silhouette.  

Like the plant itself, lavender tones are best suited for garments with a vibe of vulnerability. Especially expressed in the mermaid skirt (#2 from right) by Louis Shengtao Chen in Spring 2023 Shanghai Fashion Week. This style perfectly presents the fragile and hazy feeling by the draping sheer voile. Another beautifully dreamy use of voile is the asymmetrical maxi dress (#2 from left) in Victoria Beckham’s S/S 23 collection. A smooth silhouette, continuous spiraling ruffles, and a layer of black contrast. This contemporary and neat dress is simple and unforgettable.

Ming Ma’s empire dress (center) with ancient Greek drape inspired hem detail demonstrates the possibility of the aesthetics in minimalism. In fact, lavender was one of the few colors generally considered acceptable for women’s mourning dress in Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian Britain. Which is partially why purples are known in some cultures as the color of death. However, we think the lavender in SS23 collections is breathing life into the air with its whimsical and playful coloring. 


Candy Apple Red, Purple Jasper, Aspen Gold, Double Cream, Green Ash, Vivid Green, and we always love a great head-to-toe monochrome moment.  


Mini pearl, Baroque pearl, yellow-tone crystal, silver.

Two Color Trends For Spring/Summer 2023


         Beauty and power, softness and strength, the delicacy of lace and the structure of a tailored blazer, covered and exposed, masculine and feminine, red on red. It is impossible to be only one thing while wearing such a bold and empowering color.

           As one of the key colors of S/S 23, Luscious Red is endowed with the warmth of early spring and the brightness of early summer. Whether it’s Louis Shengtao Chen’s three-color gauze semi-transparent ankle-length skirt that complements the model’s dark chestnut curly hair, or Alexander Mcqueen’s minimalist bright red one-piece suit, this touch of red, whether elegant or square, there is no better color to awaken enthusiasm in the post-pandemic era. 

           Obviously red from lip to fingertip is a statement. All the pink and sweet pairings, all the black and white chic combos, enliven this color and direct its messaging from bold and modern to flirty and confident. Red is a color for those not afraid to be seen.


First Blush, Candlelight Peach, Purple Rose, Lemon Icing


Ruby, silver, coral.

Have you planned these colors into your line for SS23? Tag us on social media to show us how you are incorporating these colors in your collection or closet!

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