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3 Major Brands Plan Their Debut Events Grab your fanny pack. It’s Coachella or bust! Coachella is more than just a music festival. It has become a cultural event that promises the possibility of catching a show with your favorite celebrity; floods social media feeds and sparks trends in fashion (hello/goodbye flower crown and have you heard of the bralette?). This multi-day concert held annually

Important terms and abbreviations you need to know while you build your brand.  If you are just starting out in the fashion industry, speaking to technical designers, suppliers and manufacturers can sound like a different language at times. Here, we’re giving you a rundown on some key terms and abbreviations that you will need in your vocabulary so that you can speak with confidence

ONE SIZE… FITS NO ONE  Breaking news! There is NO size standardization in the fashion industry. Just kidding…that is not breaking news at all. Sizing is complicated. Dependent on the design of the garment, the fabric properties used in the garment, which brand you are wearing, which country you are shopping in, etc, etc, etc, all sizes are just not created equally. The question right

Straight from the tradeshow floors, here’s our recap of the January NYC sourcing shows.  Last month I walked the show floors of DGExpo, PrintSource, Première Vision, the first ever US Texfusion, and Texworld. I bounced all over New York City to check out the sourcing and trend forecasting that is going on for 2020. First stop was DGExpo. This was in a new location, moving